Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dancing my way in the Body of Christ

With this new semester comes the last academic semester before I leave for internship. After internship (about a year long) I will be graduating and hoping for that assignment, first call and ordination. If last semester was about self integration (which it was), this semester holds the promise of falling in love with the Church anew. I had expected to be all about nuts and bolts (which is true to a degree), but there is a lot more going on. With a class on "Ecclesiology", one on "Church Administration, Leadership, and Polity" and yet another called "The Praxis of New Congregational Development" I am being steeped in writings about the Church, the Body of Christ, and it is whetting my appetite for more and reassuring me that I am indeed on the right path. Theory is giving way to dancing and the excitement is building. With each week comes more discernment and awareness of my call to move forward in pastoral ministry. I am so grateful for the pastors who have mentored me on the way and for those who are yet to come. I am humbled by the grace of my professors who patiently tease out what I can't quite articulate yet.

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